The essence of Namaste America, lies in its meaning.

Namaste - is derived from 2 Sanskrit words namah + te = Namaste. This simply means, "I bow to you and offer my greetings and salutations to you".

In India the depiction of 'Namaste' truly epitomizes the warmth of its culture. In India, the word Namaste means 'may our minds meet' and is expressed by both folded palms placed before the chest. This is followed by the bowing down of the head, which symbolizes a gracious form of extending friendship in love, respect and humility.

Namaste America - The Indo American Association of Art and Culture is an endeavor to bring together two economic giants of the world.

India, one of the oldest living civilization has also been home to one of the richest treasures of Art & Culture. Every known form of Indian Art has a deep rooted history the dates back to centuries. India truly is not just a country, but a temple of beauty, dream tradition and verve.

At Namaste America we present to America this very elegance and exuberance of our nation, in our effort to unite two of the greatest countries on the planet.