1. Photography & Art Exhibitions
Namaste America will host series of Art exhibition that will appreciate and encourage young artist from India and America. Namaste America invites artists to reach out to us if they would like to showcase their work at our various events like Street Art | Art by the blind
4. Fashion & Film Screening
Fashion worlds of India and America will have yet another platform to display their ethnic and vibrant colours as the Indian fashion is making a statement all over the world currently. Private screening of the movies from the Oscars and the Filmfare awards.
2. Theatre workshops, Dance and Musical performances
Namaste America will be a platform where Classical, Indo-western, fusion and contemporary dancers from both the nations can perform together. We will invite artists to participate in this cultural exchange.
5. Food Festival
Namaste America will host a Food Festival promoting cuisines of both the countries as never seen before. E.g. Bengali, Keralite and Kashmiri as well as Creole, Cajun, Californian and others.
3. Networking Luncheon, Cocktail & Dinner meetings with US Dignitaries to India 6. Sports
Namaste America will felicitate sportsmen from both the nations and also host workshops and events to promote sports. Philanthropic gestures and events will be promoted by us. E.g.:- Cricket matches between AIDS/ CANCER patienta€?s v/s children of CRY or any other orphanage.
This is a tentative list of proposed events & is subject to change from time to time.

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